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Why Use a Travel Advisor?

1. My first question would be “What protection do you have when things go wrong”?

Do you know who to call? Do you know what your options are? What are your rights?

2. We are in an unprecedented time in travel- A pandemic

Do you know the regulations for the country your’e visiting? Do you know what version of Covid testing, vaccinations and entry forms are required?

3. Do you want to be the one to contact and deal with suppliers?

The average wait times for suppliers are currently 5+ hours. I recently spent 14 hours on the phone assisting a client who ran into issues with their booking being changed. Are you willing to do that yourself?

4. Can Travel Agents find me a “deal”?

The answer is sometimes. I like great value as much as the next person but travel is higher right now than ever. There are no last minute deals.

If your looking to go away with a fly-by-night company or are only interested in clearance travel, please do your research.

You may not need a travel agent when things go right but you will defiantly wish you had one when they go wrong.

I will always do my best to find you the best value in your budget. I am here for you when issues arise such as cancellations, changes, delays etc.


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