COVID-19 has significantly impacted the travel industry worldwide, and staying informed about entry requirements is crucial as countries gradually reopen for tourism. 


To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, please refer to the following resources:

  1. Canada – Coronavirus: For the latest updates on travel restrictions and entry requirements specific to Canada, visit the official website of the Canadian government. They provide comprehensive information on COVID-19 protocols and guidelines.

  2. BeWise Travel Entry Guide: BeWise Travel is a reliable source that offers a comprehensive entry guide for various destinations. Their website provides detailed information on entry requirements, travel advisories, quarantine regulations, and other essential travel-related information.

  1. Check for Travel Advisories: It is always highly recommended to check for travel advisories issued by your destination country’s government or relevant authorities. These advisories provide valuable information about any specific travel restrictions, health guidelines, or safety precautions in place.


Please note that COVID-19 situations can change rapidly, so it’s essential to regularly monitor these resources and consult official channels for the most accurate and timely information regarding your travel plans.

Stay safe and have a pleasant journey!

Canada- Coronavirus

BeWise Travel Entry Guide

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It is always highly recommended to check your destination for travel advisories prior to travel. 

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